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Marion CANDO! You'll feel right at home

Marion, Ohio Economic Developers

Marion, Ohio - The Home of Forward Thinking

Located in the heart of Central Ohio, Marion offers businesses and industrial companies all of the advantages off a major market area without the frustrations that affects quality of life.

In fact, Marion is home to:

  • Robotics leadership: The National Robotics Challenge, Robotworx (a robotics company that integrates new and used robotics for industrial automation), The Robotics School, The VEX Robotics Competition! and RAMTEC (Robotic & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Center).
  • Healthcare innovators: medical device manufacturers, healthcare facilities, medical research and outpatient services!
  • First, second and third tier manufacturing for robotics, medical device, food manufacturing, industrial and more!
  • Incredibly efficient logistics with rail, interstate, flexible warehousing and freight transportation!
  • Agribusiness: Not only growing, but processing and shipping too!  We’re home to Wyandot, POET Biorefining, and General Mills facilities!
  • A ready and able workforce with skills to match your specific needs!

Your business will feel right at home in Marion too! If you're ready to move forward and get more information, email Gus Comstock ( or Denny Ferguson ( or call 800.841.7302 for more information!

Built on tradition, growing with innovation

During his presidential campaign, Warren G. Harding had a way of making folks feel right at home here in Marion, Ohio.

Today, our forward thinking economic development leaders continue that tradition by making sure you can find just what you're looking for when locating and growing your business in central Ohio.

You can choose from a wide array of flexible sites, commercial properties, industrial parks, plus available industrial buildings, warehousing and greenfield sites too.

Marion County is a productive “micropolitan” community a short drive (just 45 minutes) north of Columbus. Marion, Ohio is large enough to have all the infrastructure, shopping and recreational amenities, yet small enough to retain hometown values and a strong work ethic. An ethic that makes the labor force a point of pride here in Marion.

Here at Marion CANDO!, we invite you to come to our front porch and feel right at home. Have some popcorn and join our family as you discover everything Marion, Ohio has to offer.



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